Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dynamic Women Team

I was blessed to host the Dynamic Women in Missions Team that came to visit Mozambique this May!

From left to right: Donis Kendrick, Gail Watson, Deanna Todd, Pat Dragon, Audrey Banales, and Karlene Clendenning.

We visited the churches in the Maputo Province.

Audrey was able to pump water from the Picoco well which was funded by the VBS kids from Audrey's home church!

Mom and baby in Picoco.

Deanna sharing some love

Kids in the Picoco church

Pat, left, led this team from the U.S.

She told the pastors and the congregation that many people are praying for the church planting that is going on in Mozambique.

Then the Mozambican ladies shared their prayer requests and the team prayed for them.

Sisters in Christ

We visited the Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary

(I was pointing out the country of Mozambique on the wooden map of Africa)

We stepped into the classrooms...

...and we praised God together at the seminary chapel service.

Gail and Donis shared their testimonies with the students.

The Dynamic Women Team then prayed over the women in the first-year class.

We visited the pre-school in the T-3 church :)

The team put on a great play about David and Goliath...

...Pat does a great Goliath :)

Then we participated in the Women's Bible study at T-3.

What a joy to encourage one another in Christ.

All Dynamic Women!

My colleague, Larry Weil, shared with the team and gave them a tour of the new property for the K-12 Christian Academy in Mozambique (CAM).

We then visited the current CAM school to see the kids...

...and share with them at the CAM chapel.

Happy CAM Director, Susan Weil :)

Two women, Deanna and Donis, were able to sit in on my literacy lesson with Fatima and share some encouraging words with her!

We had a lovely missionary ladies tea.

Left to right: Audrey, Susan (missionary to Mozambique), Karlene, Pat, Sharon (missionary to Mozambique), Deanna, Donis, Gail (and I was taking the picture :)

My colleagues, Melvin and Sharon Kelly, shared with the team about their ministry, and the women prayed over them.

I introduced the team to some of the women from the church in Chamanculo and we spent a day together making traditional Mozambican food :)

American women starting to look like Mozambican women!

Gail learning to cut the mandioca and getting some laughs :)

Karlene learning how to shave a coconut on the special stool with metal shaving teeth.

Pat learning how to pound out peanuts with the huge mortar and pestle (she did an amazing job!).

Then even put me to work :)

They told me to flip up the rim of my hat so they could see my face...

...unfortunately I thought I bore a resemblance to the early 9o's TV character "Blossom"

Donis with baby Elen from Chamanculo

Pat and Elena showing what they've sifted.

Some neighbor kids came by to see what all the commotion was about :)

After cooking, eating, and sharing a devotional, the team prayed for their Mozambican sisters.

Sisters praying for sisters.

It was a blessed trip!

~Thank you for coming~

And thanks for the great pics Gail and Pat :)