Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back in Mozambique!

From the United Mozambique!

One special part of the trip for me happened while I was waiting in Canada for the flight to Ethiopia. I had the privilege of sharing about God with an old Ethiopian man as we waited together in the airport lounge. Although my name isn't Philip and the man wasn't a eunuch or treasurer of the queen, it was a blessing to be able to share God's love with him :)
After about 40 hours of traveling, with lots of adventures in between, I've arrived in Mozambique! 
I had asked for prayer regarding my Mozambican alien resident visa, since it had expired due to my extra time in the U.S. for health issues.
Thank you for praying!
I praise God as He helped me...
  • get through airport immigration without any problem
  • get my bag through customs without any problem
  • get used to driving on the other side of the car and road
  • get to the Department of Justice and get my paperwork stamped
  • get to the Department of Immigration and get my application for my alien resident renewal, with special permission for being 2 months past expired...
Thank you for praying, and praise God with me for His guidance, help, and favor in all these things!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sailing Together

With my parents on Labor Day weekend

It's been very good to spend time with my family and my supporters all over the U.S. ...
...but now it's time to for me to return to Mozambique!
Lord willing, I'll leave the U.S. on September 17th and arrive in Mozambique on September 19th.
To all those who pray and give... will go with me.
There is an African proverb which says,
"The people sailing in the same boat share the goal."

Thank for sailing with me for the same goal.
I'll update you from Mozambique!