Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jessica, Isildro, Cidalia


Tomas and Ermelinda's daughter, Jessica, stayed with me for a weekend.  We played with the children in my neighborhood, did Bible studies, and made pumpkin leaf curry with the leaves from my garden.

I taught Jessica a Bible story to tell the kids at church on the Sunday.


Isildro, our former student from the Bible study course Pr. Abel and I taught, came to visit me, and I invited him and a friend to church in Cala. After the service he taught the children 2 new songs.

Isildro was a very faithful and very quiet student, and I often wondered what God was doing in his life. He is now taking an accounting course and is part of an Assemblies of God church in the town where he now lives. 

On this visit, he invited me to the local Assemblies of God church in Quissico, and when he got up to introduce me, he said, "This is sister Aimee. She and a pastor (Abel) brought me to know Jesus Christ." 

What a blessing it was for me to hear that! I praise God.  


I've been trying to get to know my neighbors here, and I'm thankful for the friendship I've begun to build with Cidalia, holding the baby.

We went to the nearby lake with all the kids, and everyone had a great time!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Being and Other Things

Listening and Learning



"The time for speaking comes rarely, the time for being never departs."
George Macdonald



The boy with the colorful door

Women and Children

Other Things
Colonies of flying termites that invade inside my house after each rain.

Termite wings left on the ground outside.

Biggest cassava I've ever seen...and eaten (making the 25 liter container of water on the left look tiny).

I got 2 cokes for friends. The cans here have common first names on them.

These 2 cans made 1 full name.

My water bill...

Aimee Howarth is not a common name. At the water company I'm known as... Almeque Hownar :o)