Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Month Move to Inhambane City

A missionary family with African Outreach Ministries that I've been in contact with that lives in the city of Inhambane, informed me that a small house has become available for rent in their city.  

As I will be visiting the US in December of this year, I thought this 5 month period of time would be a good way to test out how it would be to live in the city of Inhambane.

I invited the church leaders and their wives in Maputo for a farewell lunch.
I shared how God has called me to go north of Maputo to disciple new believers in the churches in the Inhambane province, and that I had the opportunity to live there for this period.

Irma Ana came over to help me prepare the food - Mozambican beans and chicken.

"Sista" Kyla also did a wonderful job making cakes and serving wherever needed.

I told the leaders about my need for their prayer as I follow God's call to go north, so they prayed over me...what a blessing.

The whole group

I was blessed by two amazing packers, Gary and Phillip, who helped me to get my car packed up (surfboards and all)!

I am grateful to my team here for helping and supporting me as we serve Christ together. 

And I am so grateful to all my supporters, near and far, who are supporting me in prayer and finances so that I can be here to make disciples for Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

12th Trip to Inhambane

I have been so blessed to have such wonderful partners in ministry, Pastor Abel and Mama Isabel for this 12th trip to Inhambane.

I had also invited a 1-year missionary to join us, Kyla Semenyna, who was such a joy.

Going to the village of Quissico to buy food.

Kyla and Isabel having some laughs as they struggle to hold the heavy basket of food.

It was great to spend time with the students in Quissico.
Belmira had braided my hair the last time I saw her.

Hermenigildo, Belmira, and Kyla hanging out on the veranda.

Germilindo, a church trainer, leading a study at our weekend discipleship training.

Although there are many challenges, it is a joy to see the church trainers studying, growing, and putting into practice what they are learning. 

Please pray for the young churches in the Inhambane province, that they would grow in faith and knowledge of the truth.

Thank you!