Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids at Awana

I had a lot of fun sharing with the children at Awana from Calvary Church, where I went to church as a child :o)

  Awana is a children's evangelism and discipleship program, and this month the kids are learning about missions! 

We looked at where we were on the map...and I told them that the culture and way of life in America and in Mozambique is very different.

We learned about 4 differences (the one above being that women wear kapulanas).

...and then I called on 4 brave volunteers...

The first one got to wear the Mozambican kapulana. 

The second volunteer got to have a life-size baby doll wrapped around her back just like a Mozambican woman. 

The third one (and maybe the most difficult) tried to carry/balance a "load of laundry" (lots of towels :) on his head.

I love this's definitely a balancing act!

As the laundry on head struggles...the fourth volunteer tries to balance a small basin that would usually be filled with some fruit or food to sell (but we put books inside, so as not to bruise any fruit in the process :) 

...and another great expression from our fourth volunteer trying to keep that basin on his head :)  The kapulana girls and the balancing boys did a great job...and we had a lot of fun!

I tried to share with them why I live in a far away place where people do things share the love of God in Jesus Christ. And I hope they remember something about God's cross-cultural love when they think of all the different crazy things they did at Awana :o)  

Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm continuing to speak at churches here in California! 

Sharing with ACTS in Santa Monica.

Rev. Joseph, the loving pastor of this church, bought his first wetsuit and bravely entered the cold Pacific Ocean at sunrise on Easter morning back in the year 2000 to baptize me :o) 
Thank you Pastor Joe!

Uncle Doug, Gwen, Aunt Michele, Kate...Kyle was missed :(... Aimee, Cody 

Speaking of cold, I look like I'm headed to the Arctic in this picture...but it was only San Diego. I must have gotten used to some of the African heat.

It was a joy to share with my Uncle Doug and Aunt Michele's small group Bible study from the Rock Church.

Uncle Brian, Aimee, Aunt Val

I'm so thankful for my loving and supportive family in San Diego :)

I was also in San Diego to share at the Pacific Beach Praise Center. One of the ways this church is impacting their community for Christ is through a wonderful Food Bank Distribution Ministry. 

What an encouragement to visit special friends and see God working in and through this church.

I appreciate your prayers as I continue to visit and speak here in California!