Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!

May you know God's great love for you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fernando Family

Pr. Juka is one of the national leaders that I serve alongside of in Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva (Living Word Evangelical church) here in Mozambique, Africa. 

Juka, along with his wife, Elina, and their daughter, Milca, believes God is leading them to study theology and nursing at a seminary in Brazil, to then return to better serve in Mozambique. 

Would you pray for this family during this Christmas season?

If you feel led to give the Fernando Family a support gift this Christmas, you can give through OMS online

or by mail to: 

One Mission Society
PO Box 1648 
Monument, CO 80132
 (memo line: Fernando Family Study Program #408153)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Move!

Arriving at the beautiful new ministry house in Quissico, Inhambane!

Along with Belarmino, a smiling Marcos Zito, who did the painting, was there to welcome us. 

I was accompanied by my dear OMS colleagues, Paulo and Fernanda, my sister from church, Luisa, and my mom. 

They were such a huge help with all the unpacking, organizing, cleaning, putting things away... and even planting a tropical almond tree for shade in the future.

Belarmino (far left), from the church, and his workers sang a song of blessing before they left. They did an amazing job on a difficult house, which has both Mozambican and Western aspects, with the hope that both Mozambicans and Westerners will all feel welcome here.

What a blessing it was to have my mom here for the last 3 months to help me with this major transition.

The surprise my mom got in her shoe one morning.

Cultural Introductions

Since moving to the village of Quissico, I have spent many days with a local pastor from the Nazarene church to be formally presented to the local chiefs, municipal and district authorities, government officials, and the religious affairs offices. 

 I praise God that the leaders have received me well and have formally recognized my presence in the community. I want to show love and respect as I live here, and I thank God for His help in these important first steps. 

I was also presented at the local hospital (above), the radio station, and the police and military squadrons. 

Although it has been tiring to make many culturally appropriate visits for introductions in my first days here, this will be a help with my own security, my relationships in the community, and for partnership possibilities in the future.


I attended the final 2015 meeting of the Evangelical Alliance of Brothers in Christ (held at the Pentecostal church above). It is a group made up of 5 different church denominations, including Palavra Viva church, which I have served with in Maputo for the past 8 years.

Papa Tomas presented me to the group, who gave me a lovely welcome. 

In partnership with my Mozambican brothers from the Palavra Viva church in Maputo, in the future we hope to provide a Biblical leadership training course for church leaders from a variety of denominations in this area.

This time of transition has been challenging, but as it has always been, it is hard and good to live for Christ.

"The most deeply compelled action is also the freest action...I chose, yet it really did not seem possible to do the opposite" 
C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Baby Aimee

Just before moving from Maputo to Inhambane, I was blessed with a namesake.

Dedicating baby Aimee at the church in Kongoloti with her mom, dad, and godfather.

Anabela, the happy mother.

Doing the customary dancing and singing praises to God for the baby.

It was such a special way to end my time here in Maputo with women I have grown to love so much over these last 9 years.

"A friend is someone you share the path with."  
~ African Proverb

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Women with Purpose Anniversary

Women with Purpose ministry celebrates its anniversary!

The women gathered in the morning to start the day with a soccer game.

Some played.

And some watched.

An excited goalie.

Then there was the potato sack race...

...which brought some smiles.

...and then some laughter.

Then we gathered to sing.

And study the Bible.

We had a special time of prayer.

And praise.

Mother and daughter.

Four special young ladies from the youth group made a wonderful lunch.

I have been working with the leadership group of this ministry. 

As I move to serve in the province of Inhambane, would you please pray for the leaders: 
Amelia, Alda, Maria, and Isabel (who was ill this day).

Women with Purpose
II Timothy 1:9
"He has saved us and called us to a holy life, not because of our works, but because of His own purpose and grace, which He gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

African Animals

My mom and I took a day off to visit nearby Kruger National Park to see the animals.

Elephants crossing the Sabie River


Cape Buffalo

Sleeping in the shade of family

Guinea Fowl


Chacma Baboon

We decided to make up our own proverbs and sayings for some of the animals we saw...

The lion has sharp teeth...

...but the bird has wings.

Admire the rhino's horn from afar.

To a zebra, everything is black and white.

Don't trust the stillness of a crocodile.

Even the fierce lion needs shade.

A giraffe may not be as fast as a cheetah, but he has a better view.

A hippo never strays too far from his water hole.

If there were fewer impala, we would stop to admire them more.

Safety in numbers means nothing to a leopard.

To the male warthog, the female warthog is beautiful.