Monday, January 28, 2013

Inhambane Trip and Flooding


Together with Mozambican pastor, Abel, and Brazilian colleague, Fernanda, I traveled back to Inhambane this last week to do Bible studies and leadership training with the church groups there.
Bible study with the church group in Nyadumbuque.  

Please pray that they would grow in their relationship with Christ.


On the afternoon of our third day there, we got word that the Limpopo river had swelled due to torrential rains, which was causing severe flooding in the province of Gaza, just south of Inhambane.
We cut the trip short due to the danger of being stranded if the national road was severed. The national road is the only road that goes north and south in the country, and this is the road we use.

As we arrived in Xai Xai, the town was being evacuated. Homes were submerged, leaving little islands of land or roof where people were being rescued by raft.  

Water was rushing underneath the national road as we passed over. Usually there is land on both sides of this part of the road (above).

We passed through at 6pm, and at 7pm the national road became impassable and was closed. That night the road was severed.

 As of today, 45 people have been killed, and around 70,000 displaced. Nearly 85,000 have been affected by the raging waters.

Would you please pray for all those suffering the effects of this flooding. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Partnering with Mozambican Church Leaders

I'm regularly involved in meeting with the leadership of the national Mozambican church, Palavra Viva.

Left to right - missionary Melvin, pastor Daniel, pastor Juka

Together, we're seeking to reach Mozambique with the love of Christ.

Left to right - pastor Abel,  and missionaries Paulo, Larry, and Don.

Would you pray for these 3 national church leaders?

Pastor Daniel 
Professor at the Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary 
(officiating the wedding of a church member) 

Pastor Abel
Evangelism coordinator for southern Mozambique 
(baptizing with a new church leader in Inhambane)

Pastor Juka 
Lead coordinator of evangelism for Mozambique 
(visiting one of his church groups in the the Zambezia)

Update on my health - I'm feeling close to 100 %  better! Thank you for praying.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

Together with two of my colleagues and their niece, we drove 3 hours north of Maputo to Xai Xai to spend New Years with missionaries, Orai and Linda.

Left to right - Katie, Susan, Larry, Linda, Orai

I made a new friend, a South African Boerboel named Lou.

I'm feeling much better, thank you for praying.