Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some Lasts and Firsts

Lord willing, I'll be back in the U.S. for the next 6 months to visit family, friends, and churches before returning again to Mozambique. 

So here are...

Some Lasts

Last trip to Quissico, Inhambane for Discipleship Training Weekend

Last evening church service with brothers and sisters in Nhadumbuque, Inhambane

Last Discipleship Training with Pastor Abel (P. Abel will continue the trainings in the new year)

Last Inhambane Women's Bible Study (Mama Vitoria will continue in my absence) 

Last time with my colleagues in Maputo :)

And now here are...

Some Firsts

The pots and pans here are washed by using sand/dirt and water (to scour) and then soap and water to clean. This is the first pot (in this case a tea-pot) that I cleaned, and when I asked if it needed to be "re-done" by a Mozambican woman (which it usually does), I received the amazing response that it was done (!)...all by myself :o)  

First coconut that I opened correctly (!) using a machete so that it could be grated on a Mozambican grating stool.

First time my head was fully braided

My first "esteira" (mat) used mostly for women and children to sit on the ground

First Bed Head to sit on the esteira

The "Bed Head" is a creature I found in South Africa whose label describes him as "a surfer and urban nomad who is not lazy but likes to sleep a lot, and who crusades against hair brushes."

My car has done a lot of off-road driving in very rural areas to share about God's love in Jesus, encourage, and disciple God's beloved Mozambican people. It has also carried 25(!) people (at the same time) to be baptized. The car has had a lot of firsts, but one of the most notable to me was...

The first time a plant grew in my car!

All you need is - lots of dust and dirt, some random seed/s (probably blown in by the wind), no washing, and some rain that leaks a bit down the hood, and voila...a car plant!

And lastly, although this is not in Mozambique, this is the first surfing rat I've ever seen! I discovered this picture of "Tofu" (the amazing surfing rat) on the website of a wave photographer :o) 

After a very full couple of weeks preparing to leave, this next week I'll be heading to Brazil to speak at a church convention in Maring√°. I would appreciate your prayer for God's Spirit to be upon me as I share.

 Thank you so much!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Bible Study in Inhambane

Three months ago we started a local Women's Bible study on
Saturdays in the town of Inhambane. 

We've been learning about who God is by studying women of the Bible. 

And we've been learning how to apply these truths to our lives as women today.

This was my last study with these precious women before I go back to visit family and churches in the U.S. and they surprised me with a special gift of capulanas :)  

Left to Right Back: Resiana, Nasma, Aimee, *Emily, *Lisa
Left to Right Front: Filo, Rute

*Emily and Lisa will be continuing this Saturday Women's Bible study in the new year :)  
Would you please pray for them as they lead, and for all the women to grow in the love and knowledge of Christ.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Consecration Ceremony

This last weekend we had the first consecration service for Mozambican pastors and deacons in the national church, Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva.

The ceremony was held at the first church plant in T-3, Maputo.

Raul and I were privileged to MC the service.

Former missionary to Mozambique, Vaughn Telfer, consecrated 8 men as they knelt with their wives. 

We even had a vistor all the way from the North the red shirt :o) 

The consecrated pastors and deacons with their wives :)

Would you please pray that these men and women would be servant leaders with hearts after God's own heart.