Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's Go Together

A Mozambican proverb says,
"Pita uko, si kuenda. Kwenda ndi "Tiyende kuno!" (Sena)

"Vai nesta direccao" nao e andar. Andar significa "vamos embora juntos!" (Portuguese)

"Go in that direction" does not mean that you go. To go means, "let's go together!" (English)
The picture (bottom) shows two women lifting a water-pot onto the head of one of them. Without this help, neither of them could lift the heavy pot alone. The picture (top) shows three women lifting the big basket of fruit together. The fruits symbolize the rewards for their solidarity. (

I praise God for all of my partners who are serving alongside of me through prayer and giving. I'm so thankful for my home church family (right), Novo Comeco, as they partner with me to share God's love in Mozambique. I love you all!

"The share of the one who goes down into the battle is the same share as the one who stays by the baggage. They will share alike." 1 Samuel 30:24

Thank you to all of my partners, near and far!

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Blog Post!

Lord willing, I'll be arriving in Mozambique on July 16, 2009, and I'd like to keep you updated with news and pictures! I admit to being "technologically challenged." I'm the daughter of a woman (pictured right) who says with all seriousness, "There's now a law in California that says we can't use hand-held devices while driving. Aimee, You should seriously think about getting a blacktooth." On another day she stated how, "Everyone seems to be communicating on their blueberries these days." And one of my personal favorites was a conversation she had with a friend of mine in which she commented, "Yes, it's great to connect with old friends. Are you on myface or spacebook?" This is my mother Kathy, whom I love dearly, and I'm like her when it comes to technology. But with the advice and help of some special people, I've created this blog! I hope this blog will be a technological blessing for anyone who would like to be kept up to date as I seek to be, show, and tell the love of God in Jesus Christ wherever He places me.
p.s. I love you Mom :)