Monday, February 29, 2016

Partaking and Visitors

My current bowl of fruit.
(coconuts, sugar-apples, and cashews)
One of the ways that I'm trying to work on learning and practicing the local language is by talking with the ladies that sell fruit here.

A type of melon that was new to me.

After our Bible study one day, my dear sisters from church prepared a special meal for me... tortoise.

After boiling them, they removed the shells and separated the body parts.

They found that both had numerous eggs of varying sizes, which were thrown into the pot with the tortoise meat.

The lovingly prepared lunch of tortoise with eggs and xima. 

I invited Gary and Diane Gray to come from Maputo to share with the church group in Nyamajeho about alcohol addiction and liberation in Christ. Alcohol is made from almost every type of local fruit here and many people struggle with this addiction. 

Two former students that were a part of the youth group that Pr. Abel and I led, Chauke (left) and Hermenegildo (right), came to visit. 

Hermenegildo has been working with the local government facilitating a district wide census. And Chauke, who is now pursuing a degree in Geography and Tourism, proudly showed me his grades from the university.

Pastors from the national church in Maputo, Daniel and Abel, came to assist me in an important meeting with the local leaders in Cala, Tomas and Ermelinda. And my colleagues, Paulo and Fernanda, came to encourage the church group in Nyamajeho. What a blessing they all were!

After the meeting, Pastor Abel enjoyed one of the local specialties here, shredded dried mandioca, which can be eaten in tea.

While Pastor Abel was teased for how much mandioca he ate, I was teased for how many peanuts I ate :) 

Pastor Daniel, who did most of the teasing, enjoyed another local speciality here, chiguinha, which is made from a cooked leafy green, boiled mandioca, coconut milk, and crushed peanuts.

~ In partaking, we show love. ~