Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surprise Gift and a Great Pal

A year ago my dear friend Fatima told me she had a surprise for me...

Soon after that, I was at her house to pick her up for Bible study, and that's when "Britney Spears" (above) walked into the room.

Fatima has two teenage daughters. They named the cat.

This was the surprise. I thanked Fatima, brought Britney home, and promptly changed her name.   

I called her "Chiguinha" (shi - geenya)

Chiguinha is a Mozambican dish made of a cooked leafy green (like kakana), cooked mandioca (manioc), coconut milk, crushed peanuts, tomatoes, onions, and chicken broth powder (it's the green food item on the right).

Chiguinha the cat (she seems to be comfortable in any position).
Her name is funny to most Mozambicans and maybe the only way I can compare it to a pet name in the U.S. might be like this:

"An African woman moves onto your block in America.  She partakes in the local foods and culture of your area. One day someone gives her a dog for a pet. The African lady likes the sound of the word "lasagna" and she also likes the way the dish tastes.  So she names her dog "Lasagna." She likes her little Lasagne and they become great pals. People on the block may or may not think she's strange."  

I can't be sure, but perhaps this is what it would be like for the American woman who lives in Mozambique, likes Chiguinha (both the sound of the word and the food itself), receives a cat as a "surprise" one day, and names the cat Chiguinha.  Mozambicans may or may not think she's strange, but they sure like to laugh when they hear the cat's tasty name :o)   

Here is Chiguinha the food (with a side of rabbit leg) lovingly served to me by Papa Toma's wife when I was with the church group here in Cala, Inhambane.

Chiguinha the cat...doing what she does best. 

And like the fictional African lady with Lasagna, after a year together, Chiguinha and I have also become great pals :)   

Monday, September 19, 2011

15th Inhambane Training

This last weekend we had our church leader discipleship training in Quissico, Inhambane. 

On the Saturdays of our training weekends I work with the ladies who are leading the women's Bible studies in their churches. 
I'm so blessed to be discipling and training these women!
Left to Right: Lucia, Olga, Margarita, Bertelinda, Ermelinda, Palmeira, Aimee

On Sunday, one of the young ladies, Palmeira, shared a special message about praising and obeying God.

We also had a special guest this weekend, Jose Banales, who was here to visit and encourage the churches. Jose got a treat when the young church group in Quissico led a time of praise through song and dance. 

It was beautiful authentic praise from the Chope people of Inhambane!

Afterwards, Jose showed them the video he had taken of their dance :o)

Jose Banales with some of his Mozambican brothers and sisters in Christ.

Left to Right: Hermenegildo, Aimee, Palmeira, Valdez, Victoria, Cessaltina, and Augenio in front.

Would you please keep the church groups of Inhambane in prayer ~ thank you!  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baptism and Clothes

I've just come back from a trip to Maputo for some team meetings and...Ana's baptism!

Ana coming out of her house (her sister, walking behind her, was also going to be baptized).

Sisters, Herglencia and Ana.

Fatima's oldest daughter, Chaxi in the red sweater, and niece, Estefania in the front, were also getting baptized!

My friend Mama Isabel exhorted the group at the church in T-3.

In search of a towel :)   


The lovely Fatima.


Me with the whole group...what a joy :o)


Two months ago Pastor Abel had the idea of asking the churches in Maputo for clothes donations to bless the churches in Inhambane...two months later we packed up my car with giant rice sacks full of donated clothes for my drive back to Inhambane for the discipleship training weekend.

Pastor Abel unloading clothes for the church in Maciene.

Mama Marta carrying a sack.

Rice sacks

Fashion show!

Papa Jorge scored this pair of pants which he immediately put on over his other pants :)

A precious smile

The kids from the church in Bangusa :)

The church group in Cala singing a welcome and thank-you song.

She got something blue :o)

What a blessing to be a part of the Mozambican church body giving to another part of the Mozambican church body.