Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ministry and Land in Inhambane

I've just come back from Inhambane where we did Chronological Bible studies, church leadership training, women's Bible study, and house-to-house visiting.

I stayed in Quissico with Diolinda, the younger sister of Palmira and Jesuita, who is on the left eating her breakfast of shaved manidoca in hot water.

Diolinda, now in the 10th grade, lives in the same house that Palmira and Jesuita lived in when they were studying at the high school.

These were my four happy housemates (who changed into their fanciest clothes for the picture :).
Once after I had a full day of house-to-house visits into the far bush of Nyamadjeho, two of them gave me a late night Chopi language lesson by candlelight where I learned how to say important things like...
"I like the kitchen" and "I don't like the shirt." :)

One of the women we visited to encourage and pray for in Maciene was Mama Magarida.

We walked far out to her field and she pulled up some mandioca and a small sweet pineapple to thank us for our visit.

She also gave me some peanuts that I had been wanting for a teaching illustration.

Before leaving, I invited her to the next women's Bible study by writing the date in the ground with a stick. 


My colleagues from Maputo, Larry and Melvin, came to see two plots of land and get an idea of how they could be used for the ministry in Inhambane.

There are two separate plots, the smaller of which could be used to build a house where I could live, and the larger of which could be used to build a training center that would function as a local place for church leadership trainings, Bible studies, services, meetings, etc...
I would appreciate prayer for the land that God wants for us to use for His work and His glory in Inhambane, Mozambique.
Thank you!   

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flood Update and Weekend with Team

As relief efforts continue, thank you for praying for Mozambicans affected by the flooding. We are collecting clothing and other items from the church members in the province of Maputo to donate to the flood victims in the province of Gaza.   
My colleagues and I (below) had a blessed weekend together just south of the province of Inhambane.

After the weekend, I was able to return to Inhambane (since I had to leave early two weeks ago due to the flooding in Gaza) to look at some of the land/housing possibilities.
As I pray, think, and research the possibilities, I would appreciate prayer that I would trust and obey God's guidance for where I am to live in Inhambane.
Thank you...
I'll update when I have any news!