Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Mozambique!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Soccer Boys, Beach Camping, Gnarly Creatures

Soccer Boys
During these past months, I've had the privilege of sharing Bible lessons with 11-14 yr. old boys who come to play soccer/football each week for the kids program in Machava.
 Libas, above, is their faithful trainer and coach.
 After attending the graduation for Child Evangelism Fellowship this last September in Maputo, Fernanda and I met with three young graduates whom we invited to come help teach at this bi-weekly kids program.
Florencio, Joshua, and Benny have come to help out the past couple months and have done a wonderful job!
 ~ The boys praying in a circle after the lesson ~ 

Would you pray for these future men of Mozambique?

Beach Camping

After a very busy time, I was very grateful to take a four-day weekend off to go beach camping with two fun missionary families, the Blanks and the Hulseys.


As it heats up for the summer here, I was hoping to do a little surfing, however the waves were a bit too small...but they were just the perfect size for teaching some new little surfers...
First, we practiced on the sand...

...then into the water we went. 


Each one got a chance.
 Marian riding a wave...while Hayden and I cheered in the background!

Judah's awesome wipeout!
 Four gnarly new surfers!
And one gnarly insect!

This insect turned out to be perfect for a practical joke on my prankster colleague, Don.

He had thrown a long green rope over the wall into the camp bathroom where I was, calling out, "green mambas have been spotted in the area!"

(The green mamba is a highly venomous snake found in Mozambique.)  

So I caught the large insect (in first picture) and put him in a little plastic tub that was the same size as the sugar container.

I then offered sugar for tea, of course switching containers before I got to Don. 

I approached his chair from the back and leaned over his shoulder offering the "sugar" a mere 2 inches from his face.

When I popped open the container, there was the large creature perched on a pile of sand. The result was a wonderful flinch and a priceless look, that I wish I had a picture of...    

And one more gnarly creature...
 My new dog, Ajur!

A retiring missionary couple offered her to me, and she is a great guard dog, which is what I wanted to get before moving to Inhambane.

At the last Bible study for the year in Kongoloti, the women presented me with a beautiful new kapulana :) 
The pink folder I'm holding much these days has the Inhambane land/construction plans and paperwork. I've been having meetings with construction supervisors and workers from the churches.
Would you please pray for God's direction in this Inhambane process as I prepare, Lord willing, to move at some point this next year.
Thank you!