Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Building a Church in Cala

Beginning to build
While the men worked on the coconut tree wood structure...
...the women weaved the walls from coconut palm fronds.
I cannot sew, knit, crochet, or do needlework... 

...but I found out that I'm an expert at weaving palm fronds!

Weaved Walls
We made a great start on the church structure, and I'll post final pictures when it's finished.
It was a joy to serve alongside of old friends...


And new friends...

Karla, who came with her husband and son...

...and Aurea, both from Brazil, who are visiting my colleagues, the Almeidas.

Karla shared with the children about an African boy who came to know Jesus.

Aurea (praying here) shared with the women about how she came to know the love of Jesus.

It was a joyful time :) 

Would you pray for this church in Cala as we seek to build not only the church structure, but the body of Christ.

Thank you!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Raven

In 2004, after serving in Mozambique for 2 years, I felt God’s specific call to live and disciple north of the city of Maputo in rural areas.
After studying at seminary, I served for 5 more years in Maputo while beginning to do discipleship training north of Maputo.
It is now almost 10 years later, and God is in the process of fulfilling this specific call for me to move north.
Seven years ago on the deck of the house where I grew up in California, I was praying under a bright sunny sky overlooking the dark canyon below. Suddenly a raven flew over my head and began to glide in the breeze. It didn’t seem to exert itself at all. 
Then God spoke to me in my prayer saying that I, like the raven, was to fly in the heights above not by my own power, but by the power of His Spirit, basking in His bright light. I smiled.
Then the raven suddenly began to descend in a circular pattern, and I watched it fly down into the dark canyon below. Trees and houses covered the ground so that I could not see the bottom. The raven flew into the darkness, and I watched until I could see it no more.
Then God spoke to me again in my prayer, saying that I, like the raven, would go into dark places, and I was to share His light with those who do not know Him. I shuddered.

As God continues to fulfill His call for me to live and disciple in rural areas north of Maputo, it has reminded me of this time of prayer and the raven.
God fills me with His Spirit and gives me His light to shine in dark places. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I shudder, but it is my desire to obey.