Monday, February 14, 2011

Retreat, Women's Work, and Seminary

Team Retreat
The first weekend of February two local South African pastors came to share with us for our team retreat in South Africa. It was a blessing to come away, rest, and reflect.

Back Row Left to Right: Melvin Kelly with Joshua Kelly, P. Louis, P. Craig, Aimee, Zac Hulsey and friend Coleson Lechner
Front Row Left to Right: Sharon Kelly, Susan Weil with Abigail Kelly, Larry Weil, Aleta Hulsey, Don Hulsey

Women's Ministries
This last week Mama Vitoria announced the new Bible study that will be starting for the leaders of the women's groups in the 9 churches of the Maputo province.

I will be helping Mama Vitoria and Mama Isabel prepare to facilitate this Bible study for the leaders, the first of which will be on Saturday, February 19th.

Would you please pray for the women leaders of the 9 churches in the Maputo province to be able to participate, to be filled with God's Spirit, and to be able to facilitate this study in each of their respective churches? Please pray that women would come to know God and grow in Him.
~Thank you~

Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary

Today, February 14th, the seminary begins its second year of classes! 28 returning students will begin the second year, and 30 new students will start the first year. You can see a short video of what's going on at the seminary by clicking on the link below!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9th Trip to Gaza and Inhambane

Pastor Abel, Mama Isabel and I have just come back from our ministry trip to the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane...
Training in Quissico and Teaching in Maciene

I continued to teach the sessions about prayer and Chronological Bible storytelling at the leadership training in Quissico

What a privilege it is to be a part of the discipleship process with these new believers

Mama Isabel preparing to speak on Sunday morning with the church group in Maciene

Mama Isabel sharing with the church group (Pastor Abel standing in the foreground)

Mother and baby of Maciene

Women and children

Son with his father
Some of the Food we Eat

After our leadership training, one of the church planters presented us with some corn :)

We grilled it up on the wood that was still hot from lunch

Mama Isabel checking on the progress

Ready to eat :)

A happy pastor Abel with his "massaroca" (corn on the cob)

After visting with the church group in Maculuva, one of the older ladies gave us some mafura fruit from the local mafura tree.

We took the bright orange pods out of their green shells and let them soak in luke warm water for about twenty minutes.

Then we poured off most of the water, added two spoons of sugar, and began to stir the mafura.

Under the bright orange skin is white fruit which has been softened by the water.

After mixing it for about five minutes, it turns out like a white custard...a lovely dessert that evening!
We continue to serve God and His beloved people in Gaza and Inhambane, and it's a blessing to enjoy the local food we are lovingly given :)