Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monica, Artur, and Church Leaders

From March to May a young lady named Mônica, from Conim church in Brazil, will be here.

At the entrance gate to the ministry house property in Quissico, Inhambane.

Mônica trying her hand at the pilao with sister Tina.

Teaching a game and Bible story to the kids in Cala, Inhambane.

We've been making visits to help and encourage Artur, who lives in Xai Xai.

Carlos, from the Helping Hands Ministry in the church came to adjust the wheelchair we gave to Artur. 

*the next 2 pictures are a bit graphic*

Artur cannot feel from his knees to his feet, and struggles each night with rats that gnaw on his legs and feet.

I've been bringing him basic things to clean and dress his wounds.  

We gave him an audio Bible so he can listen to God's Word during his long days sitting in a chair or lying on a mat. 

We are seeking to share the love of Christ with Artur, both physically and spiritually. 

There is a new Transitional Government for our national church, Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva

Amongst other things, this governing body will be working on the vision, structure, discipleship plan, and church statutes and manual. 

Would you please pray for the leaders of the Church Transitional Government:

Pr. Juka, with his wife Elina 
(and daughter Milca).

Pr. Daniel, with his wife Luisa.

Pr. Nelio, with his wife Zinha.

Pr. Abel, with his wife Victoria.

 Deacon Belarmino, with his wife Albertina 
(and son Junior).

Missionary Paulo, with his wife Fernanda.

Missionary Aimee

I appreciate prayer for all these things. 

Thank you!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maputo Women's Ministries and Inhambane Building Progress

Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva 
Women's Meetings

Pondering Mom

Because I must focus on the work involved in my move to Inhambane, I informed the women that I would not be as involved in the ministries in Maputo.

Would you pray that these women would continue to meet together to grow in Christ's love.

Beautiful and Bright

Nkateko Discipleship and Craft Group

I translated for my Mom as she used seeds, flowers, and fruits to illustrate spiritual truths to share with the ladies in the Nkateko craft discipleship group.

Nkateko means Blessing

 Jewelry the group makes

It was Albertina's birthday, so we enjoyed a chocolate cake (thanks to my Mom's baking skills)

Inhambane Building Progress

The new property wall and entrance into the site where my ministry house will be built.

The storehouse is almost finished.

The construction leader, Titos.

The cook, Pionalda, who has been preparing 3 meals a day for the 4 workers for the past 45 days.

Sunday Best

Everybody wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we headed to Cala in a rented pick-up truck (my mom sat in front). 

Pr. Abel's daughter, Raquel, shared a message of encouragement with the church.

On the way back, we gave a ride to a student and his new edible pet.

Letting the pig out of the bag.

Bible Study with Women in Inhambane

What a privilege, challenge, and joy it continues to be to teach the Word of God here.





We shared a special meal of grilled chicken, cabbage salad, rice, and fried potatoes. 

Seeking to be His hands and feet.