Sunday, September 27, 2015


I am very thankful for my mom's arrival in Mozambique.
We visited the Njango family, where she met baby Josue.

Aimee, Joana, Tina, Josue, Carlos

Meeting up with Amelia and Julia to encourage and pray with Vitoria (next to my mom). She has tragically lost 4 family members in the last 4 months.


Walking to the church in Cala

Discussing how Papa Tomas can start a new Bible study
Standing in front of the church they built.

Walking through the coconut palms to a group of people who have asked to start a church.

Would you pray for this new group in Ducua, Inhambane?

"He who is a friend of God, is a friend of man" 
My Mom

Monday, September 21, 2015


The vision at our church Regional Conference this year was spiritual formation.

In small groups we talked about goals and plans to implement this vision in our churches through prayer, Bible study, and discipleship.

It was a joy to hear from leaders in 8 churches from Maputo and 1 from Inhambane.

We joined hands in prayer.

Praying for each of the local churches.

The women of T-3 prepared a lovely lunch.

We followed Jesus' example of how to serve others with humility.

 The national church, Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva, would appreciate prayer as they focus on spiritual formation through prayer, Bible study, and discipleship