Monday, August 30, 2010

6th Trip to Gaza and Inhambane

On our 6th trip to the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane we showed the Jesus Film twice, visited and shared with the church groups, held a two-day church planter training, and...discovered a beach!

Showing the Jesus Film in Bangusa, Inhambane

My partners, Pastor Abel and Ana Miambo, setting up to project the Jesus Film in Bangusa.

Me and my beloved cords and wires...

A young fellow who came out in his 'Jesus Film best'

Before we started the movie, the children sang and danced.

After the first four days of driving, visiting groups, preaching, and showing the Jesus Film...we had an afternoon off!! 

An afternoon at Praia de Quissico

Ana and Abel discovering the beach in Quissico

Loving it :)

Two-day church planter training seminar in Zavala

After I taught the morning sessions on Chronological Bible storytelling, Pastor Abel taught the afternoon sessions on Biblical knowledge and church planting.

Ana worked hard in the kitchen to prepare the meals.

A few of the people who have been attending the trainings.





After the second day of training, Ana and I fooled around with some new hair styles...

Ana with my hair (I'm under the capulana cloth)

Me with Ana's hair (she's under the capulana)

Ana, Aimee, Abel

I praise God for my wonderful travel companions and partners in ministry!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Training in Mocuba and Women of the Bible

Earlier this year, I traveled to Mocuba in the northern province of Zambezia. Juka and Elina Fernando, who come from the southern province of Maputo, serve as missionaries in Mocuba, Zambezia.

They have just held the first church planter/trainer seminar in the newly finished Mocuba Training Center!

When I was there, I had told Juka's wife, Elina, about a Bible study called, "Mulheres da Biblia" (Women of the Bible), and I gave her a copy. That was 5 months ago, and I didn't know if she would use it. I haven't heard about it since....until this week.

After church this last Sunday, a pastor from the south, who attended the training with his wife, commented on the Bible study that his wife loved so was Mulheres da Biblia!

Elina leading the the Bible study for the women!

I praise God for the big things that He does through the little things that we do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tribute to the "Batmen"

This week I'll be moving to a place called Matola, which is about 30 minutes away from where I am now. Since I'm leaving the apartment where I've lived this past year, I'd like to give tribute to some special guards that have helped me immensely. I'll call them the...Batmen.

Adelino, Rogerio, Horacio, and Nataniel
(You may notice that they all look like Malibu locals! I asked my Dad if he could send some shirts to say thank you to them :)

After the first two bats, I didn't want this to become some sort of "bat blog", so I didn't write the stories of bat #3, who nestled under the pillow on my bed and then squealed like a little pig when the guard grabbed him (below). After bats #1 and #2, this guard suggested we start killing these bats instead of letting them go outside. So he "cremated" bat #3.

I also never wrote about bat #4, and how he chased me down the hallway, possibly using his "echolocation"skills to hunt me down...I was screaming all the way. 

When I got to a room, I quickly slammed the door behind me, and then found out that he was so close, that I had actually slammed him in the door...not a pleasant sight. 

I do not have a picture, which may be for the best. The guard picked up his lifeless body, put him in plastic bag and threw him in the trash (outside).

Finally, there was infamous bat #5 who flew in high circles around my dinner table and could not be reached...until that guard whacked him down with a broom. 

Once he got him onto the floor, a struggle ensued, all the while I stood screaming in the corner. Thankfully, the "broomed" guard won out. He then took him outside and finished him off with a shovel...also not a pleasant sight. However, bat #5 was given a proper burial (above) right outside my front door...

I'm thankful to these four brave Batmen!