Monday, January 24, 2011

Dad's Visit and Survey/Surf Trip

This last week my dad made his first visit to Mozambique!
It was great to be able to combine a father-daughter surf trip and a survey trip for future ministry.
I had three meetings with people from Maxixe and Inhambane city, and it was very helpful to be able to ask questions about people, areas, languages, needs, local ministries, challenges, and possible living situations.

After an evening surf session on the Inhambane coast :)

My dad was able to learn about some of the work I've been involved in here in Mozambique, and we both learned about some of the local history in Inhambane.

This sign says, "Hole of Murders"

During the Portuguese colonial period in Mozambique, Mozambicans in this coastal area of Inhambane who did not obey colonial commands were forced to jump into a deep and narrow blowhole in the giant rocks at the sea.

Here is the ocean that surrounds the giant rocks (this was a calm day).

This is the hole that the Mozambicans were forced to jump into, where the sea would surge in and crush them against the rocks...thus it was called "the hole of murders".

Mozambicans gained their freedom from Portuguese colonial rule in 1975, and now there is a freedom monument on the cliff by the hole.

Looking up toward the monument you can see the victorious arm with a broken chain.

I praise God for the physical freedom that Mozambicans now have.
I also pray for those who will receive the spiritual freedom that comes from Christ.

I'm thankful for the surveying and surfing I was able to do with my dad here :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayer for God's Will in the New Year

It was a joy to spend new years with my colleagues, Larry and Susan Weil, who do wonderful work as Director of Christian Academy in Mozambique and Field Treasurer.
Aimee, Susan, and Larry, in Xai Xai, Mozambique

As I've been praying, thinking, and seeking counsel about this new year, I'm excited to go forward in God's will, way, and time!
There are 5 things I'd like to share and ask for prayer...

1) If God wills, I would like to continue to work with my good friend Fatima on literacy instruction as we start up the 2nd and final primer.

1st Literacy Primer which Fatima has completed

2) If God wills, I would like to begin a Changana language course that meets two evenings a week from January until May.

Changana Grammar Book

3) If God wills, I would like to encourage, disciple, and help a Mozambican woman (whom I am praying about) from one of the churches in Maputo to enable her to start a new Bible study with the leaders of the women's groups from the churches in Maputo. The leaders in this Bible study would then be able to do this study with the women's groups in their respective churches.

Women of Chamanculo Bible Study

4) If God wills, I would like to begin this same Bible study with the leaders of the women's groups from the new churches in Inhambane when we travel there each month. As in Maputo, the leaders would then be able to do the Bible study with the women's groups in their respective churches.

New Bible Study ~ "Women of the Bible"

5) If God wills, I would like to move north to the province of Inhambane, possibly at the end of May, so that I can live closer to the work that God has been calling me to do.
Six years ago, God put it on my heart to go north of Maputo with the desire to make disciples and train women leaders in the newly planted Mozambican Palavra Viva churches. It has been my intent to neither rush ahead, nor drag my feet in this calling. If this is God's timing, then I want to go forward in this.

At the end of January, I hope to make a survey trip to the areas of Maxixe and Inhambane city (see province of Inhambane on the map above).
My dad is planning to visit at this same time and we would like to surf together. We are planning to go to the beach area just outside of the city of Inhambane, so I hope to make this a combination survey/surf trip with my dad :)
I would appreciate your prayer for each of these 5 things - for God's will, way, and timing. I do not want to do any of these things if they are not God's will, and I do not want to neglect them if they are.
Thank you for you prayer!