Monday, December 14, 2009

Mozambican Advisors and...another Bat

My colleagues and I regularly meet with our Mozambican Advisers (to my left - Dr. Nhanale and Susan Weil, and to my right - Larry Weil, Pr. Nhabanga, and Pr. Cossa). These wise Mozambican men give us counsel and advice concerning all of the work we're doing here in Mozambique.

During the meeting, I was introduced and given a chance to share about my desire to go north of Maputo to partner with our national church in discipleship training, specifically with women.

The advisers encouraged me to remember the importance of teaching women to teach others, which I very much hope to do, and they encouraged me to remember that God would take care of my needs. It was a privilege to meet with these wise men this Christmas season :)

And a...

...different bat
...same fear
...different guard
...same box

I have now designated this as my special "Bat Box"...
"Caixa para Morcegos"