Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Beira

I've just traveled by bus up north with Honey, a teacher from the Christian Academy in Mozambique, to the central province of Beira, Mozambique to visit the Meyers family.
Brian is serving as a medical doctor, training and discipling Mozambican medical students, and Megan is serving as an musical artist, discipling Mozambican artists as they minister through musical arts in church and in society.

I had a lovely time with Honey and Dawn, a family friend of the Meyers.

Megan has been helping these young musicians create beautiful Biblically based worship music. At their Wednesday night practice, I was able to talk with some of the artists and learn about this ministry.

At their Friday night "jam session," I heard some of the wonderful praise songs these talented musicians have created in their local language and style!

I've been interested to learn about this ministry because I may be working with new church groups in the future that don't have any Biblically based songs in their local language and style.

Songs are especially important in an oral culture like Mozambique as they can be used to praise God, present the Gospel, and teach Scriptural truths.

It was wonderful to learn more about Megan's music ministry!

While I was in Beira, I was also able to visit the Macuti Lighthouse.

An old ship was placed on the beach in front of the lighthouse in order to slow shoreline erosion, therefore protecting the lighthouse. This is what's left of the ship (above).

As I looked at the various rusting ship parts, they reminded me of different things...

This one made me think of the kind of machine that would be found in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the production of giant gumballs :)

Three Calvary crosses

An old storybook fairy tale house...

...and upon closer inspection, there actually was someone taking a nap in the 'house.'

It sure makes for an interesting anti-erosion method to protect the lovely lighthouse.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to visit Beira!