Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Women at the Well

This is the hand-pump well that we were able to install next to the church in Picoco, mainly because of money raised by children from a vacation Bible school in Oklahoma.

A new family moved to Picoco about four months ago. The mom, Maria, went to the well to pump water for her family. While there, she met a lady from the church, Graca, who invited Maria and her family to church.

Nelio, here with his wife Zinha, is the pastor of this church in Picoco. 

Maria, her husband, and her children began to attend the church.
Their daughter, Fogineta, accepted Christ.

This last Sunday, Fogineta, in the blue skirt, was baptized, along with five other people from the church in Picoco.

Pastor Nelio and Pastor Abel baptized her.

Maria stood at her left, and Fogineta's father, Berto, stood at her right as pastor Nelio presented her baptism certificate.

Children from one country gave for a well in another country.
Two women began talking at the well.
One woman's child accepted Christ.
She and five others were baptized on Sunday.

Praise God for partnership, physical water, and living water!