Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ana's last trip and Mom's last week

Merry Christmas!
The lovely..."Ana Wreath"

We found a wreath at a place where we stayed in Gaza on our last trip, and thought Ana looked nice in it!

It was the same place where we discovered the world's cutest puppy.

My mom and Ana with the world's cutest puppy.

Aimee and Ana

The last of five wonderful trips with my fun partner, Ana Miambo.

Ana won't be able to travel with me for the ministry trips up north in the new year because she will start her studies in January. I'm very happy she will be furthering her education, but I'm also sad to lose such a lovely partner in ministry.

It's been wonderful to have my mom here these past three weeks...

Meeting my friends...

Praying for my Mozambican family...

Sharing God's Word with Mozambican church leaders...

Spending time with sisters.

My mom and I invited Fatima, Vania, and Ana to take part in a family Christmas tradition...decorating gingerbread men!

My mom worked hard to bake the delicious men (and women), and she had brought frosting and decorations from home.

She told about our Christmas tradition.

The women loved the decorating...and the eating.

One of the finished products...before it was devoured.

It was wonderful to have my mom here to share first-hand in the work that God has called me to do.