Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9th Trip to Gaza and Inhambane

Together with Pastor Abel and Mama Isabel, we traveled again to to Gaza and Inhambane.

Leadership Training in Quissico 

We continued to teach about prayer and through the Chronological Bible storytelling.

Mama Isabel preparing to speak on Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning in Maciene


After our leadership training, one of the church planters presented us with some corn.

We put it on the wood that was still hot from lunch.

Mama Isabel checking on the progress.

Ready to eat!

A happy pastor Abel with his massaroca (corn on the cob)

After visiting with the church group in Maculuva, an older lady gave us some mafura fruit.

We took the bright orange pods out of their green shells and let them soak in warm water for about twenty minutes.

Then we poured off most of the water, added two spoons of sugar, and began to stir the mafura.

Under the bright orange skin the fruit is white and has been softened by the water.

After mixing it for about five minutes, it turns out like a white custard...our dessert that evening!

We continue to serve God and His beloved people in Gaza and Inhambane, and it's a blessing to learn about the local food we are lovingly given.