Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 Month Move to Inhambane City

A missionary family with African Outreach Ministries that I've been in contact with that lives in the city of Inhambane, informed me that a small house has become available for rent in their city.  

As I will be visiting the US in December of this year, I thought this 5 month period of time would be a good way to test out how it would be to live in the city of Inhambane.

I invited the church leaders and their wives in Maputo for a farewell lunch.
I shared how God has called me to go north of Maputo to disciple new believers in the churches in the Inhambane province, and that I had the opportunity to live there for this period.

Irma Ana came over to help me prepare the food - Mozambican beans and chicken.

"Sista" Kyla also did a wonderful job making cakes and serving wherever needed.

I told the leaders about my need for their prayer as I follow God's call to go north, so they prayed over me...what a blessing.

The whole group

I was blessed by two amazing packers, Gary and Phillip, who helped me to get my car packed up (surfboards and all)!

I am grateful to my team here for helping and supporting me as we serve Christ together. 

And I am so grateful to all my supporters, near and far, who are supporting me in prayer and finances so that I can be here to make disciples for Christ Jesus.