Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baptism and Clothes

I went to Maputo for some team meetings and...Ana's baptism!

Ana, coming out of her house (her sister, walking behind her, was also going to be baptized).

Sisters, Herglencia and Ana.

Fatima's oldest daughter, Chaxi in the red sweater, and niece, Estefania in the front, were also getting baptized!

Mama Isabel encouraged the baptism group at the church in T-3.


With the whole group...what a joy.

On my way back to Inhambane, I packed up my car with giant rice sacks full of donated clothes from the churches in Maputo for the churches in Inhambane - Pastor Abel's initiative! 

Pastor Abel unloading clothes for the church in Maciene, Inhambane.

Mama Marta carrying a sack.

Rice sacks of clothes.

Fashion show

Papa Jorge scored this pair of pants which he immediately put on over his other pants.

A precious smile

Kids from the church in Bangusa.

The church group in Cala singing a welcome and thank-you song.

Something blue

What a blessing to be a part of the Mozambican church body giving to another part of the Mozambican church body.