Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Celebrations!

It was lovely to have Bruce and Mabel Callender, who served here in Mozambique for 10 years, visit during this month of celebrations!
Bruce, Mabel, and Milca
Two Graduations, a Wedding and, a Pastor Consecration
After 4 years of studying, the first class of Mozambicans graduated from the Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary!

With Angela, one of the seminary graduates. 
Another graduation was for the 3 year Ministry Course in partnership with the national church we work with, Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva (Living Word Evangelical Church). 

 I was blessed to share a welcoming message at the ceremony. 

The Palavra Viva students and the two professors with their wives.

And then the Wedding of my dear friend Fatima!
Fatima was nervous about how to write her new name on the wedding certificate, so I printed a sample from the internet...

...and we practiced.

She did it!

Eduardo and Fatima 
(it's not customary to smile at a serious event such as a wedding) 

...but Fatima was caught smiling.

Along with a group from her local church, I visited Eduardo and Fatima's new house to pray for them. 

Jorge, the very tall church leader, couldn't believe how short the ceilings were!

Much shorter Eduardo, Fatima's husband, didn't see any problem!

And finally, we celebrated a Pastor Consecration Service... 

Luisa and I read the from the Scripture in Portuguese and Changana.

Vitoria and I gave the Bibles to the new pastors, and wrapped their wives in capulanas. 

Fransisco, who serves at the church in Intaka, was consecrated as a pastor.

Nelio, who serves at the church in Picoco, was also consecrated as a pastor.

 The new pastors and their wives. 

What a joy it is to invest in the lives of Mozambicans and to celebrate with them as they follow Jesus Christ!