Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mourning and Rejoicing

 Two frequent parts of my life here are mourning with those who mourn, and rejoicing with those who rejoice.
(Romans 12:15)

Whether in the grief of death or the celebration of birth, God calls us to show the love of Christ in being present, in listening, in partaking, in giving, and in praying.

Would you pray:

 for God's peace and protection for the four children who lost their mother and their father to sudden illnesses. 

for God's faith for a young Mozambican man who lost his father in the South African mines. 

 for God's loving presence for the baby and the young new mother who lost her husband while she was pregnant.

for me in all the times I seek to be, do, and speak the love of Christ with those who mourn and rejoice here in Mozambique.