Tuesday, October 6, 2015

African Animals

My mom and I took a day off to visit nearby Kruger National Park to see the animals.

Elephants crossing the Sabie River


Cape Buffalo

Sleeping in the shade of family

Guinea Fowl


Chacma Baboon

We decided to make up our own proverbs and sayings for some of the animals we saw...

The lion has sharp teeth...

...but the bird has wings.

Admire the rhino's horn from afar.

To a zebra, everything is black and white.

Don't trust the stillness of a crocodile.

Even the fierce lion needs shade.

A giraffe may not be as fast as a cheetah, but he has a better view.

A hippo never strays too far from his water hole.

If there were fewer impala, we would stop to admire them more.

Safety in numbers means nothing to a leopard.

To the male warthog, the female warthog is beautiful.