Thursday, May 21, 2015

Giving Thanks

After several of my dear Mozambican brothers and sisters lost loved ones recently, I thank God for the opportunity to share with a woman about God's love for all of us in Jesus Christ.

Fatima, whom I have been working with on literacy for several years, has been starting to read and understand the Women of the Bible studies. Recently a lady from another church, whom Fatima had shared with, approached me to ask if she could do the Bible studies with the women in her church!

I give thanks for being able to work alongside the national leaders of the Living Word Evangelical Church as they work toward becoming a vibrant, self-sustaining, self-governing, indigenous church.

I give thanks for the ladies who participated in the Women with Purpose meeting in Matchovana...what an encouragement to this newer church! 

I give thanks for the young ladies from the youth group who came out to prepare lunch for the women's group, what a blessing to see this unity and support.

 Crossing over the Limpopo River on the way to Inhambane. 

I give thanks for the construction license for the ministry house, and for the successful trip that Melvin and Nelio made to Inhambane to meet with the construction leader. Lord willing, construction will begin in June.

 I give special thanks to God for the support of my prayer and financial partners that enable me to serve here.

"Nothing matters but that which is eternal." 
Amy Carmichael