Saturday, August 29, 2015

Painting and Coconuts

Heather and Jillian from Ireland came to do a training about helping Mozambicans living with disabilities. We visited Artur in Xai Xai so Heather could see how he was doing with his new wheelchair. We praise God that he's doing well!

Left to right front row: Artur holding the baby, Jillian, Heather
Left to right back row: Marcos Zito, Artur's Dad and Mom, Tina


Then we traveled to Inhambane to work on the house in Quissico with its new base coat of paint!

Two of the builders from the church in Cala, Rufino and Hilario, on the front steps of the veranda.

Marcos Zito, from the church in T-3 in Maputo came with us to teach us how to paint the interior walls. (I transformed myself into Lawrence of Arabia as I was the messiest painter and kept getting paint in my hair)

Tina, with adorable baby Josue, came with us to help with the cooking.

Jillian and Heather turned out to be great painters!

We did one wall in each room in a happy color I call "Subdued Smurf"


Rufino and Hilario have family nearby with coconut trees on their land.

Hilario skillfully scaled one of the tallest palms I've ever seen someone climb.

At the top, he kicked down the fruits.

After getting them opened, everyone was rewarded with fresh coconut water.   

The coconut is one of the largest and heaviest seeds that exist, and yet it's buoyant and waterproof enough to travel up to 1,000 miles on the open ocean until it lands on the shore, where it will then germinate and grow into a tree.

  I sometimes feel like the coconut, a strange and clumsy seed on a great and rough journey being sown to grow and then... miraculously produce fruit.  

Thank you for support!