Friday, September 2, 2016

Language and the Best Toy Car

Studying the Txitxopi language with my local language helper, Inocencia.

Her little brother has been building a toy car.

Here it is complete with soda can wheels, a wheel made of wood connected to a stick with rubber bands that turns to steer, and pieces of plastic bags used to connect the wires to keep it all together!

 Inocencia (center) and Edricio (left) just had their first baby, held by the proud grandma. It was a joy to give her a special little sweater, hat, and booties made by the God's Arms ministry.

At my house, I've been tutoring some of my neighbors in English. Young Dilercio comes by for help with his English homework from school. 

I invited neighbors and women from my church for an American/Mozambican lunch!

"Kudoto kudoto u ya ma soni" 

Txitxopi expression that means, 

"Little by little you go forward"