Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Meditations

"I lay in a field, filthy, covered in dirt and blood, and You picked me up, washed me off, and dressed me in royal robes.

I stood looking through the lattice, parentless and fatherless, and You came and adopted me.

I wandered and fell in a thorny ditch, and You reached Your staff down to me and drew me to Your breast.

I stood a shabby beggar before You, and You bid me enter Your courts and take my seat beside You.

I was invisible, unnoticed, and inconsequential, and You called me by name and gave me a purpose.

I was dispirited and cast down, and you were the lifter of my head.

I was weary and worn, and You filled me with Your strength and power.

I was aching and hurting, and You applied Your healing balm to my wounds.

I was miserable and filled with doubt, and You cheered me and gave me hope.

I was screaming and rioting, and You whispered quietly to my heart.

I stood outside the gates, and You turned and with one glance, welcomed me.

I had no legal right and no official papers, and You waived the requirements, and paid for me."

(my mom's Easter meditations)

Happy Easter!