Saturday, November 23, 2019

How do we pray?

As I was reading Jesus' parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15, I was thinking about how we pray when we face difficulties. 

Knowing the beautiful end of the parable, would we have prayed that the son not suffer physical hunger, or that God would satisfy the son's physical hunger in the place with the pigs?

If the son did not face any difficulties, would he go back to his father? 

When he goes back, his father takes care not only of his physical need, but all his needs, including reconciliation and restoration. 

If the son did not feel need on the physical side, would he have taken the steps to receive what his spirit needed?

The son's hunger brought him to his senses to humble himself, and to go to his father. 

Knowing the end of this parable and what God wants for all of us, wherever our difficulties come from and whatever form they take, how should we pray when we face them?

Should we pray that the difficulties go away, or should we pray not to have them?

Yes, we can pray this.

But could we also pray that we come to our senses and that we humble ourselves?

Could we pray that our difficulties would drive us to the waiting embrace of our loving heavenly Father?

Could we thank God, as terrible as our difficulties are, because He will take care of all our deepest needs?