Saturday, September 19, 2020

Be Anxious For Nothing


My good friend, Candy, sent me this card that I have up on the wall in my room. 


It reminds me almost every day that God does not want me to be anxious about anything.  


But instead, that God wants me to tell Him about my needs and to thank Him for all that He has done. 


Then I experience God's peace, which guards my heart and my mind as I live in Christ Jesus. (Phil.4:6-7)


I have been praying about the possibility of taking a trip to Mozambique to visit and apply for a 5 year visa.


 And every time I begin to be anxious about this, I am reminded that my all-powerful and loving God does not want me to be anxious, and He tells me what I can do whenever I feel anxiety.


In the last 2 weeks, God has done a series of miracles to open the doors for me to travel to Mozambique.  

My current annual visa was sent to me from Brazil (where it has been with colleagues of mine), I got travel approval from OMS, I received a negative result for the PCR Covid-19 test, which had to be within the required 72 hours of departure from here, and I was able to purchase my plane ticket! 

God used many people to open these doors, and I am thankful.


Lord willing, I will travel tomorrow to spend about one month in Mozambique, and I will be in quarantine in an apartment, where my missionary team lives, for a 10-14 day period when I arrive. 


Along with many other countries, Mozambique has requirements for social distancing, mask wearing, and no large gatherings. 


God has done many great miracles around me, but I believe He has done a greater miracle in me; He has given me peace in my heart, no matter what. 

I praise God for His peace.

Since this verse, with the rest of it written on the back of the card, has been such a blessing to me, I asked my mom if she could make some cards for me to give to others.

It's good to be reminded that our all-powerful and loving God does not want for us to be anxious, but rather to be filled with His peace as we walk with Jesus.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Thank you for praying for God's will and God's peace for me as I travel to Mozambique.