Monday, August 17, 2009

Sick...and Seminary Dedication


This past week has been rough as my body spent every ounce of its time and energy violently trying to expel amoebas. I went to the local clinic for testing and they found that I had amoebic dysentery, and I've been taking antibiotics. 

I like what Arthur Matthews says about circumstances:

"John says, I found myself in the isle which is called Patmos -not one jot of credit does he give to the might of Rome. And not one mention escapes him of what he must have endured before eventually "finding" himself there...the means, circumstances, decisions that led to his finding himself there are unimportant. Faith discerns even behind the Beast, the hand of God - for second causes make good disguises and baffle any eye but the eye of faith. So to enlarge on the why and the wherefore; to blame himself or his charges; to weigh past decisions for or against is not on John's mind; nor does he allow any wishful sightings to occupy his thoughts. A more ideal field for just such thoughts could hardly be found. So there is a great deal of comfort for us in John's early verses of the Revelation."
A. Matthews (Green Leaf in Drought by Isobel Kuhn)

Seminary Dedication

This past weekend we celebrated the dedication of the Maputo Biblical and Theological Seminary! We pray that this seminary would be used to equip Mozambican men and women to lead and support responsible, reproducing, Christ-centered churches.

Dedication Service in the Seminary Chapel

With my OMS colleagues and visitors: Larry and Susan Weil, Mike Thiessen, Bruce and Mabel Callender, Bruce Bennett, Dave and Ann Dedrick