Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boane and My First Massala

Last weekend I went to Pastor Nelio's church in Picoco, Boane. This lovely group is always very helpful in teaching me...whether it's new words, or a new fruit to eat!

During the sermon, I tried to separate and write down certain Changana words, and usually I would ask someone after the service if they could define the words for me. P. Nelio's sister, Xica, couldn't wait to tell me what the words meant, so she leaned over during the sermon to define each word as soon as I wrote it down!

At the end of the service I was blessed to be able to pray for five women that want to be baptized next Sunday.

After the service, Xica said that "massala" season had arrived. When I told her that I'd never eaten that fruit, she was shocked, and then she quickly disappeared and reappeared with a fresh massala in hand. This fruit, which may have different names in other countries, has a round green hard shell that needs to be cracked open. Inside there are lots of lima bean sized seeds covered with the soft brown fruit. To me, it seemed to have a sweet spice-like flavor.

After I finished eating, the women taught me how to say,
"Mina namazanza massala!"
(I like massala!)