Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Literacy Lessons and Women's Bible Study

Literacy Lessons

In Maputo, I continue to meet with Irma Fatima each week for her Portuguese literacy lesson.
Before we study, we always have a special time of prayer.

Then we go over her homework and do the next lesson. After each lesson we do a Bible study, in which Fatima reads the Scripture, and we talk about what it means. What a joy it is to see her growing in her reading, and in her relationship with Christ!

Women's Bible Study

I've been doing a discipleship Bible study using the African version of the Women of the Bible study, with Mama Vitoria and Mama Isabel.

The hope is for Mama Vitoria and Mama Isabel to disciple a group made up of a woman leader from each of the churches in Maputo.

Praying before the Bible study with some of the women.

Mama Vitoria leading the study.

In our women's Bible study this last week, we studied the early and later life of Rebekah, and it so happened that I had a lovely visitor staying with me named Rebekah. 

There is a well at the church where we did our study, so our modern day Rebekah wanted to try out the well...and she, like her Biblical counterpart, was kind enough to pump us some water :)

I appreciate prayer for Fatima's literacy lessons, and the Women's Discipleship Bible Study!