Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inhambane City

I've been doing a lot of walking to get to know the city.  

I stepped inside the cultural center to learn more.

There are some beautiful old buildings here.

Interesting trees along the Inhambane bay.

There are a couple of dogs that like to hang out by the bay.
Dog #1...

...and Dog #2

There's a coconut tree on the property where I'm living.
My fruit weapon of choice - katana (machete).

After 20 minutes of hacking away...

Coconut Africa

We also had our 13th training session with the church group leaders in Inhambane this last weekend.  I shared with the group about God's great love for us and our need to repent and believe in Jesus to enter into His kingdom. 

I had also brought two more coconuts with me to use for our Saturday lunch. The lady with the white sweater, Margarita, a coconut opening professional, had it open in 2 minutes flat!

It was a joy to teach these women's group leaders about the life of Ruth from the Bible.

Left to right : Margarita (from the church in Maciene), Ermelinda (from the church in Cala), and Ermezilda (from the church in Bangusa).