Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Scenes from Inhambane City

Studying the Word of God in my Portuguese Bible

I use Mozambican materials for wrap-around skirts called "capulanas" 

This is a house next to where we do our church planter discipleship training in Quissico. 

It makes me smile because it reminds me of my older sister, Shauna. When we were little girls, she would get her lovely blonde bangs cut (like the part around the door) and she looked so cute that I would kiss and hug her...which she detested! 

When we do our church leader training, we need to get water for cooking and drinking. We fill these containers, called "bidoes", at the local water pump. 

Washing the beans for lunch at the training session

This is the song book in the Tsonga language that we use in our church services. I say and write my name "Emi" because "Aimee/Amy" is a bit hard to pronounce here.  

Here's a view out of my truck's dirty rear view mirror.  The licence plate number is etched into the mirror, and there are metal fastening strips on it so it can't be stolen as easily.

The nose on my surfboard

A creature I saw on a leaf near the ocean.

A fisherman in a traditional dhow

A giant fish caught off the coast of Inhambane

An advertisement for the cell phone service I use called, Vodacom.

"tudo bom pra ti"..."all good for you"