Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with my Family

It's been great to see my family during this Christmas season!

My mom and I

My dad with my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Amy, with their three boys, Drake, Tyson, and Trey.

Aunt Aimee, with her three awesome nephews -
Drake is the oldest, Tyson follows him, and this was my first time to meet the youngest, Trey. 

On Christmas day little Trey showed off his dunking skills (possibly with a little help from his dad).

Trey, enjoying the net while he's up there.

Tyson, with an amazing backwards slamdunk!
(also possibly with a bit of help from his dad)

We played a game of Twister


Drake, in his new Africa t-shirt.

Aunt Aimee sure does love her three wonderful nephews!