Friday, March 2, 2012


I've returned to California to share with some churches and a small group.

A.C.T.S. (A Church That Studies) in Santa Monica.

Rev. Joseph Metoyer, the pastor of A.C.T.S., bought his first wetsuit and bravely entered the ocean at sunrise on Easter morning back in the year 2000 to baptize me...thank you, Pastor Joe!

San Diego

Uncle Doug, Gwen, Aunt Michele, Kate, Aimee, Cody 

I look like I'm headed to the Arctic in this picture, but it was only San Diego. I must have gotten used to some of the African heat.

It was special to share with my Uncle and Aunt's small group from the Rock Church, which was my church when I lived in San Diego when God first called me to go to Africa! (see first blog post) 

Uncle Brian, Aimee, Aunt Val

I was also in San Diego to share at the Pacific Beach Praise Center. 

I so appreciate the prayer and support from my partners.