Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids at Awana

I had fun sharing with the children at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades, where I went to church as a child!

  Awana is a children's evangelism and discipleship program, and this month the kids are learning about missions.

We looked at where we were on the map, and I told them that the culture and way of life in America and in Mozambique is very different!

We learned about 4 differences - the first one was that Mozambican women wear capulanas.

And then I called on 4 volunteers...

The first one got to wear the Mozambican capulana. 

The second volunteer got to have a life-size baby doll wrapped around her back just like a Mozambican woman. 

The third one (and maybe the most difficult) tried to carry/balance a "load of laundry" (lots of towels) on his head.

Definitely a balancing act!

As the laundry on the head struggles...the fourth volunteer tries to balance a small basin that would usually be filled with some fruit or food to sell (but we put books inside, so as not to harm any fruit in the process :) 

A great expression from our fourth volunteer trying to keep that basin on his head.  

The capulana girls and the balancing boys did a great job, and we had a lot of fun!

I shared why I live in a far away place where people do things share the love of God in Jesus Christ. And I hope they remember something about God's cross-cultural love when they think of all the different crazy things they did at Awana :o)