Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Purses, Blankets, and Translating

I had the privilege of partnering with my colleague Sharon, in a small way, helping to start a new craft/discipleship ministry for the pastor's wives in Maputo.
Sharon, hard at work teaching the ladies how to make a cloth purse.
The women will meet once a month to study the Bible, pray together, and learn manual skills to help support their families. 
 Here are the ladies with the new purses...I had a lot of help to make mine.
 I also had the privilege of giving a special baby blanket to a pastor's wife, Luisa, on behalf of a group of women in the US called "God's Arms." 
Luisa with her baby, Daniel, wrapped in his new blanket...she says, "thank you!"
 The Vice President of Theological Education in OMS, Bill Vermillion, is visiting Mozambique this week.
He preached at the Intaka church, where I translated into Portuguese, and Alda translated into Changana.  
 Two little ones from Intaka.