Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Helping Hands, Cala Children, and Land Legalized!

My Brazilian colleague, Laura, came with us to Inhambane. 
The back of her shirt says, 

Artur's life has value.
We were thankful to be able to show him Jesus' love by sharing the story of Mephibosheth from the Bible, and giving him a wheelchair! 

Through the Helping Hands ministry, we were also blessed to be able to give crutches to Julhino.

His very creative father had made a walker out of wood! Unfortunately, it was too heavy to be helpful.
Pr. Nelio, (above) with the wooden walker.

Julinho and his little cat.

 Julinho's life has so much value.


Laura gave a children's Bible story book to the kids in Cala.

Elder climbed a tree to pick some oranges for us, and he tossed them down.

Catching oranges at night

Elder, the expert tree climber

Laura with the kids, and the freshly picked oranges.
Land Legalized!

After much negotiation and hard work with the local government, we have now put  official "markers" (the long concrete blocks) into the corners of the land, which signify legal possession! 

 This is a result of prayer and support.

I praise God!