Monday, July 8, 2013

Kids, Car, Sophie and Heather

 My colleagues, Paulo and Fernanda, have a wonderful ministry of singing, praying, telling Bible stories, and playing with the local children in Machava, Maputo. Their daughters Laura (above) and Luana have a great time with the kids!  
I was sharing with the older boys from the group about helping others who are in need. I asked two particular boys to come up to the front that day. 
Earlier that week, my car got stuck in a muddy water hole. This is not my car, but I couldn't take a picture since I was in my car when it happened!

After seeing the water rush under the hood of the truck, I thanked God afterwards because the left side of the truck, where the air enters in, was higher than the right side that had fallen into the hole, so water did not get into the engine.
These young boys from the community stayed with me the whole time while I was waiting to be towed out by my colleague, so I thanked them in front of the group. They were a great example of being a help to someone in need! 
Back to Inhambane
It's the "dead of winter" here (64F/18C), and I won the contest for being the coldest (that's me on the left in the black parka - I know it's ridiculous). Sophie, on the right, is from England (no jacket, not even a sweater). 
Sophie has been in Maputo for 5 months teaching at CAM school, and before going back to England, she took a trip with us to Inhambane. 
 Heather, from Northern Ireland, who has been here for 6 months, also joined us. She is an occupational therapist and has been working with Mozambicans who have disabilities. 

We made a special visit to encourage and pray for a young man who was hit by a falling tree and has been unable to walk for the last 4 years. 

Praise God that through the Helping Hands ministry started by my colleagues, Melvin and Sharon, we will be able to give him a wheelchair! 

 My good friend Mama Isabel traveled with us to Inhambane, and this was my failed attempt to take a good picture of the two of us.