Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Medical Ministry

I've just finished working with a medical ministry visit with my Brazilian friends whom I knew from my church in the U.S., Novo Comeco, 8 years ago, Doctors Mario and Renata Gomes, with their son Rodrigo.

In partnership with the Helping Hands (Maos Ajudando) ministry, we were able to visit many Mozambicans with disabilities so that Drs. Mario and Renata could assess, counsel, encourage, and pray with them.

Mario sharing advice with Julinho, who is now able to walk with the aid of the crutches I had previously been able to give him through the Helping Hands ministry.

Mario and Renata's son, Rodrigo, with his new brother, Artur, whose rat bite wounds on his feet and legs have been healing well.

Renata taught about anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure in a health seminar at the church in T3. 

Mario shared about the same subjects in a health seminar at the seminary.

Afterwards, they were able to take blood pressure and answer individual questions.

We also traveled to Inhambane, where they taught about nutrition and hygiene at the church in Cala.

The Gomes family were a blessing, both medically and spiritually, as they taught and counseled about physical health and shared and prayed for spiritual health!