Sunday, May 26, 2019

A 7 Month Reminder

I just saw a picture of myself that was taken last year on November 8, which was my birthday. 

It made me think of how very quickly situations can change and how very little we know of our future.

The next day, November 9,  my mom's kitchen and dining room was flooded, due to a leak in the structure of the house. 

It was also the day that the Woolsey fire reached Malibu. We turned off the water and evacuated the house. 

During the evacuation, we stayed with friends and family for the rest of November, and then as we dealt with insurance, demolition, and reconstruction, my dad provided a place for us to stay for these last 6 months. 

We are now moving back into the house, and we are so thankful for God's help and loving care during this whole time. 

As I continue to trust in God, I've been encouraged by this 7 month reminder that we know very little, and our situations can change very quickly. But God knows everything, and He is with us!