Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and New Years with my Mom

My mom and I traveled to Capetown, South Africa for Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas morning in a local church.

And we saw some awesome animals, like dassies warming themselves on the high rocks.

Penguins playing on the beach.

Birds resting in a giant aloe tree.

And this noble seal.

This man has spent the last 26 years attempting to "domesticate" the seal.

Here he is showing off his lovely teeth.

Here's me trying to take a picture with him...and getting the great "seal snub."

When he turned toward me, he suddenly seemed too close with all those lovely teeth...

But we became friends at last :)

We returned to Mozambique for the New Year

We were privileged to celebrate the New Year's Day feast with my dear friend Fatima and her family.

Mom, Fatima, and Aimee

Then we visited Pastor Abel and his family...where we feasted again :)

On my mom's last night here, Fatima and her two daughters, Vania and Xashi, came over to sing to my mom and to present her with special gifts - a "capulana" (wrapped around her her waist) and a "lenco" (for her head).

The meaning of the beautiful song they sang -
"How wonderful it is to have a family, the family of Jesus
A united family
A family that loves
A royal family
A family that's without comparison
How wonderful it is to have a family, the family of Jesus"

What a blessing it has been to have a part of my American family here to visit a part of my Mozambican family.