Sunday, January 31, 2010

Literacy Instruction goes North

Elina is a Mozambican missionary from one of our churches in Maputo, who serves, along with her husband, Juka, in the northern province of Zambezia. While they were here this last month, I talked with Elina about the Bible-based literacy instruction that I've been doing with Fatima. Elina said she was very interested in this for her ministry up north! So last Monday, the night before they left for Zambezia, I was able to teach Elina the method and give her some copies of the materials.

A few days later, when Fatima and I met for our weekly literacy lesson, Fatima said excitedly, "Yesterday I opened up my Bible and I read John 1:1-4...and I understood it!"  What a blessing to hear.

I pray that Elina would also hear such blessings, and Zambezia!